The Times, They Are A Changin'

Just giving you all a heads up. A Dram of Brine is changing. I've been playing with Wordpress and I find it to be better than Blogger. To be honest, this website was mostly to start getting out there so when I moved to a domain (which should be happening within the year) I wouldn't be starting from nothing. While I am not sure that Wordpress works with domains easier than Blogger, I do find it to be a better publishing tool than Blogger, so just a heads up. The move isn't going to be made until I have moved all my posts over to Wordpress, and have the site completely up and running. Look for a change within the month.

As a complete aside, I may be looking at school on the West Coast specifically within the University of California system. If you have connections within the engineering school at places like UC Santa Barbra, I would like to know about it.

Take care now,
The Scribe

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erik_flannestad said...

Worpress can do an import of your blogspot posts and comments in seconds.

Look under "Manage" and "Import".

The only thing you lose is the URLs from the commenter's names.