A Look Forward

Good afternoon everyone. Here in Boston it's a balmy 72 and sunny. I just thought I'd post some things that all my readers (both of you) can look forward to in the coming month:
  • I drank a lot of booze yesterday, and wrote reviews on the first three tastings: Woodchuck's granny smith cider, which I've posted, as well as Woodstock Inn's Pemi Pale Ale (a preview: it's really good), and Bogle's limited reserve vintage 2000 port (also good!). I also got a bottle of nice rum (Ron Pampero Aniversario), and another of bourbon (Bulleit), and so much more. Those reviews will be trickling out.
  • I also got a bottle of Smirnoff for my guests, who luckily had better taste than I gave them credit for, so I have over two thirds of it left. Now...What to do with the remains? How about an infusion? I also picked up a bottle of Wray and Nephew Overproof for the same purpose. I'm starting out ambitiously with the apple cider vodka suggested by the "mad scienceticians" over at Infusions of Grandeur which unfortunately appears to be defunct. I'll add my own twists, but I'm hoping it will be good. I'll also be starting on the Falernum recipe suggested by Paul of The Cocktail Chronicles, and we'll see how that comes out.
  • Mixology Monday is in two days, and the subject is one near and dear to my heart: rum. I have a pretty interesting idea for that, which I'll whip up this weekend to give a try to. It's somewhat traditional, but has a really good twist that I haven't seen before. It'll also give all of you an insight into my feelings on cocktails. Should be interesting.
  • Some party and bar reviews will also be appearing, as well as brewery, distillery, and winery tours. I had the good fortune to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin this year, and we visited some of the old bars in Dublin. I also got to the St. Jame's Gate Brewery and the Old Jameson Distillery while I was there.
  • In addition, I'm traveling after the end of school. I'm hitting up New York and Israel. Currently our trip includes a visit to the Barkan vineyard, which should be fun. When I get back, I'll be moving into new digs with a decent kitchen, for lots of more interesting goodness. If I drop off the face of the earth until mid-June, that's why, but I'll try to post a bit while I'm gone.
If you have any other thoughts about things you might like to see, let me know. All the best.
The Scribe


Tiare said...

The vodka remains you have and the JW&N overproof will be perfect for making infusions. The Falernum you wrote about is the same as i`ve made and it turned out very good!
I used the overproof rum.
Otherwise the JW&N overproof is also so very good with Ting, ice and lime..so maybe you should save some..

Another thing you can do is a Clove tincture, just add 10 cloves to some of the overproof rum, let sit for 2 weeeks and agitate daily.

Then use 1 drop in a cocktail.


Chris "Rookie" Stanley said...

Tiare's spot on here (as usual) - I've also made that Falernum and it's one of the best recipes I've seen to date.

For an even more ambitious undertaking, the JW&N makes a killer base for home-made bitters, like my Spiced Lemon ones.