A Slightly Better Cider

If you recall, three weeks ago, I reviewed Woodchuck's Granny Smith cider. I suggested that they offered many other varietals, and I would try some of them. Well, today I follow through on that promise with their Amber:

Woodchuck Cider: Amber Varietal Cider

Tasting conditions: It was stored for a while at room temperature in dark conditions for a while before I had the chance to drink it. Traditional 16oz pint glass. I enjoyed it with dinner while watching a movie.

Eye: Like most ciders, this is a dark yellow. Like other ciders, and some beers, it comes in a squat glass bottle, green in this case. The label continues this coloration, adding red. There is cute picture of a marmot enjoying a red apple on the label. On the pour, there is a significant amount of head, but it dies down quite quickly.

Nose: A slightly acid sweet apple aroma was evident immediately on opening the bottle. After the pour, the aroma quickly spread throughout the room.

Mouth: With the first sip, my thoughts immediately went to Martinelli sparkling (soft) cider. With more tasting, I tasted more of the taste of the hard cider. Still, at least when warm, this tastes close enough to good apple juice to fool a lot of people.

Conclusion: This is quite enjoyable. I think perhaps, it might be just a bit better a bit cooler than I tasted it tonight, since usually I enjoy this cider a little more. As that statement suggests, however, I go to Woodchuck’s offerings often for cider, if for no other reason that they are the best readily available cider in the northeast. I have tried three of their offerings: Granny Smith (which I reviewed), Pear, and Amber. I enjoy the amber the best.

Picture forthcoming.

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