Welcome to A Dram of Brine

Welcome to my blog. You may be asking what is "A Dram of Brine?"

The scientific answer is that it's an eighth of a fluid ounce of saturated saline (that's about 3.70 mL in the US and 3.55 mL for our friends across the pond). Of course, I use it a bit more figuratively. A dram is a small amount of liquid, usually one containing that most pleasant chemical additive: ethanol or potable alcohol. Brine is but another word for seawater. Thus "A Dram of Brine" is my slightly salty journey through the world of spirits and cocktails. This will serve as my home base and the locale to which I will post my reviews of spirits, my cocktail creations, and my experiments.

As the tone of that last paragraph suggests, I am a scientific type. I like to understand the wherefores a whatfors of food and drink. As such I will occasionally dabble in such subjects as home brewing, home distilling, infused and spiced spirits and molecular mixology. On that note, I wish myself a happy twenty first birthday, and a happy entry into this brave new world of intoxication.

Thus I remain, your servant,
The Scribe

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Tiare said...

Happy Birthday The Scribe! i saw the B-day cake beside your name at the MOR..

Your blog looks nice! if you are going to write about infused and spiced spirits and molecular mixology i`m very interested in reading.

I have always been interested in flavors and i`ve been working a couple of years in kitchens with cooking and from there i also have carried a bit of an interest in molecular gastronomy.

I have for instance over the years followed Heston Blumenthals amazing tv shows and naturally from there i`ve got interested (to a point)in molecular mixology as well as my flavor interest have moved on from cooking to cocktail mixing.

My opinion is that some of the things are useful while other are not, but its all quite fascinating..

I`m also very interested in infusions.