What's Coming Up In July

Wow! Another month down already. How quick it all goes. So it's now July. I have lots of great stuff coming up in the coming month as well. Hopefully as I get unpacked this blog will hit its stride and do all I promised to do. In the next month you can expect:
  • Bar reviews! I have been to some good bars, and hope to go to some more goodies. Of course, I will let you learn from my triumphs and mistakes.
  • Booze reviews! That's right. I have even more products coming your way with the full Scrivenal treatment.
  • More cocktails! I am working on something for my parent's anniversary, decoding and balancing the cocktails presented at the Chicago rum event, and, of course, creating my own drinks for your enjoyment.
  • Molecular Mixology! Yes, I know I have been making promises for the last several months, but I'm hoping to fulfill those promises soon. I'm making "caviar" either tomorrow or the next day, and hopefully I'll bring it to bear on drinks.
  • Mixology Monday and the Session! I have some ideas to make some interesting stuff for the two regular drinks bloging events I take part in every month.
  • And, of course, even more!
To a healthy month,
The Scribe

PS: My apologies on spelling in this post. Not only had I just gotten back from a wonderful bar, but I was also having computer difficulties.

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Tiare said...

I`m looking forward to the caviar!